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Quick ideas

30/4/2011, Revision 1

A place to put all my code.

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Simple link structure
  • Easy
  • Part of labs?
  • Labs for examples, code for source?

A quick idea manager.

  • Straight forward list
  • Mobile app
  • Web interface

HTML/CSS Editor Idea

30/4/2011, Revision 1

A simple HTML/CSS editor.

  • Tag completion - creates matching close tag
  • Treats css classes like FlashDevelop treats actionscript functions, e.g. go to declaration, rename, refactor
  • Basic intellisense. Includes custom css classes, html ids, attributes, etc
  • Use namespace for intellisense support?
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Launch in browser
  • Javascript support later

Music Player Idea

30/4/2011, Revision 1

A minimalistic music player and manager. Emphasis on queuing songs, tagging music, simple media management.

Feature List

  • Media library artist/album layout
  • Media library search
  • Media source management similar to boxee
  • Allow http media sources
  • Dropbox as cloud integration?
  • Maybe include hypem integration (favourites list as source)
  • Definitely Marx bookmarking website integration
  • Play, pause, next track, previous track
  • No EQ, ridiculous useless iTunes crap
  • No browser add on crap
  • No bloat
  • Maybe not free?
  • Album art
  • One window
  • Music only
  • Tagging options - single file, multiple files, search tag database
  • Playlists, playlist driven
  • Queue files to play, after queue finished go back to shuffle
  • Web interface, upvote songs to queue
  • Simple device sync, essentially creates a backup with similar folder structure

Marx - Social(ist) Bookmarking Idea

30/4/2011, Revision 1

A social bookmarking plugin in with web interface. I share a lot of links. I wish I could access them from any web device. Also include something similar to the old HypeMachine player - sets up a playlist of music from mp3 links that you bookmark. Youtube's "watch later" is cool, but should be for all video websites. Instapaper's "read later" is awesome. It'd be cool if it handled other media just as well. Bookmarks appear as a feed like twitter. Split in to categories and allow following of specific categories or whole feed.

Feature List

  • Chrome plugin
  • Timestamped feed view
  • Simple link structure e.g., user/music/, permalinks
  • Love button on each link, save another's link without following them
  • Favourite feeds join your feed on default view
  • Mobile view
  • Invite only (oooh exclusive)